Melanie Van Heel

Melanie Van Heel

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Hey, Hey…I’m Melanie Van Heel. A Long Island born and raised Latina, living life in the South. I’m a working actress, certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, mommy to two sassy ladies, wife to a stud muffin from Montana, devoted girlfriend to many amazing women, and lover of life, food, and all deep conversations. My superpower? I love to encourage and inspire others!


Hey, hey, I’m Melanie! I’m a mommy of two girls, a wife, an Actress, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Blogger, and creator of this healthy lifestyle brand, Whole + Healthy + Well by Mel. My mission is to inspire other busy women to prioritize themselves and their mental, physical, and spiritual health, while they juggle all the things. Teach what you know, right?! 😊 In this blog I aim to authentically share personal stories and life lessons learned, healthy recipes, and realistic health and wellness tips, impacting emotional and physical health. I have big dreams of writing best-selling books one day, creating online courses, public speaking and reaching millions of women, and creating a product line too. Stay tuned!

Here are some fun facts that might interest you:

I became pregnant with my first daughter unexpectedly at 24 years old, after dating my then boyfriend for only two months, and it all worked out!

I’ve been acting/singing since I was a little girl and have a BFA in Musical Theatre. I toured the US and UK with two Nickelodeon Live! musicals in my early 20s, as Dora the Explorer.

I grew up on Long Island, lived in Montana for 3 years (my hubby is from MT) and now live in North Carolina.

I chose to stay home with my girls until they were both in elementary school and currently the littlest one is in pre-K. I’ve been working part-time since they were born as a server in restaurants, an Actress/Model here in the Southeast and now a Health Coach/Blogger. I’m really excited to get to work full-time next year when Eva starts kindergarten.

I’m a self-development and spiritual junkie. I love all things that promote growth and positivity.

I’m a recovering emotional eater. I’ve since found lots of better ways to handle stress!

I avoid gluten and dairy, most of the time, to keep my eczema at bay.

Overall, I am a lover of life and empowering women to chase their dreams and live their best lives despite any roadblocks or adversity they may face. I hope to build a community of likeminded individuals and I’m so glad you’re here. Don’t forget to drop your email below so I can slide into your inbox with some weekly inspo. Thank you for stopping by!!

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