LA Bound:

On Friday I sent my agents an email, “Should I start removing some commercial credits from my resume?” I never thought I’d be asking that question, but as of late I’ve been popping up on what seems like everyone’s TV and cell phones, out here in NC and my resume has grown quite a bit. A part of me started thinking, “Oh no, what if people start getting sick of me, and brands think I’ve been around the block too much. Will I stop booking work?” I realized that wasn’t the case as I continued to book two more gigs a few days later. I’ve been told that my look is unique and can change dramatically depending on what I’m wearing/makeup I have on. Only my friends and family realize that I’m all over the place locally. No one else recognizes me and that’s just how I like it.

Anyway, long story short, a casual question via email turned into a conversation about agent shopping in LA. Say whaaaaaaaa?! It wasn’t even on my mind. I’ve been so content with the work I book locally that LA really hadn’t crossed my mind until that conversation. But hearing the words “we think you are ready talent wise to go to LA”, lit me up and had me squealing like a mouse. We aren’t planning on moving out to LA, but I’m open to traveling out there as needed and maybe even spending a couple of months over the summer out there with Cole and the girls.  I honestly don’t know what this path is going to look like, but I do know that we have always lived unconventional lives, and this just feels right.

In August both girls will be in school full time and I’ll be ready and happy to dedicate more time to my career goals. Having my parents here has been a huge blessing and they are always happy to help with the girls however they can. It seems like the stars are aligning and like this is all happening as it should. I definitely have doubts and fears and insecurities, but I won’t let them hold me back or ruin this experience for me.

Even more “coincidental”, or serendipitous is the fact that Cole just signed a big client out in LA. I am beyond proud of him. He has been busting his tail, traveling weekly, keeping his head down and focused and has shifted his energy. We’re on the same page and pursuing our passions simultaneously and it feels good. Cole will be traveling out to LA pretty regularly within the coming months, and now I’ll be able to join him during some of his travels to meet with some agents.

Other Random Things:

Recently, I found myself feeling overwhelmed with all the information/ media I was consuming online and had to slow my roll. I’m sensitive to energy and can become depleted if I spend too much time on Facebook or Instagram, even though I love them both. While I try to post Instagram stories regularly, I’m trying to limit my mindless scrolling to three times a day and using those times to really be social, since that what “social” media is all about, right? 😊

Another random thought, I also need to do a good spring cleaning. When my space is cluttered, so is my mind. I’m getting ready to clean out these closets within the coming weeks and I know it will make me feel refreshed. I also recently did a Juice Til’ Dinner Cleanse from Clean Juice and loved it. It was so simple to do, I wasn’t starving, had no negative side effects and overall it was a great reset mentally and physically. (If you are on Instagram, I created a highlight to share more about the Cleanse in depth.) I’m ready to eat whole, non-processed foods more often. The beignets from New Orleans really put me in a trance. I’m laughing as I type this lol. So silly.

A week or so ago I hosted a successful Beautycounter event and helped over 15 women get their hands on some safer products. It made my heart happy and while I have some preparing to do for LA in the coming months, Beautycounter will still be a passion project of mine. I will always take an opportunity to help others live a healthier lifestyle, any way I can. This blog might be a bit more sporadic in the coming months, as I focus more time and energy onto my acting career. January through June tends to be a busy season in this world.

Lyla’s rehearsal schedule has kicked up to twice a week and she’s handling it like a champ. I try to rehearse with her at home and she wants no part of it. She’s confident in what she’s doing and wants nothing to do with this stage mom. Ayayay.

Eva is a mushy mama and I can’t believe she’ll be in kindergarten next year. At some point, I should probably stop baby talking her. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably do it forever if she’ll let me.

I have zero motivation to exercise consistently. I’ve been doing random things, running on a sunny day, taking yoga, I tried a HIIT app for a month and I’m going to try a pure barre class this weekend. Honestly, aside from work or grocery shopping/date nights, I just want to be hibernating like a bear. I scheduled a therapy appointment for this week to process all that’s going on and I’m going to ask her about it. I’m hoping that once the sun comes out and I can see signs of spring, I’ll be raring to go. We’ll see.

I’m obsessed with the Bachelor, by the way. Anyone else?  I’m a big fan of Colton and some of the girls this season. Cole won’t sit through it.

Cole and I had a really nice date day/night last Saturday. We took a trip to Home Goods, dropped off some Beautycounter products with clients, had a glass of wine at Corkscrew in Birkdale and dinner at Eez Fusion. The wait was insane at Eez! It took us almost two hours to be seated so we ventured over to Gymboree (which had some great sales since they are going out of business). Next, we stopped at Corkscrew for a glass of wine and had a great first-time experience. The food and service at Eez were also wonderful and even worth the wait. I got a Bento Box and Cole got the Thai Coconut Curry. Our server was sweet as pie and I was falling asleep at the dinner table by 9 pm. Thanks for watching our girls Mom and Dad and Chris and Nina. 

Along with all the good comes the bad. On Sunday morning we got the news that Cole’s younger cousin had been in a snowboarding accident. That’s all I’ll share to respect the privacy of the family but please send prayers and good vibes his way. They are needed! It’s been a mix of emotions over here, happiness and a bit of sadness for this sudden tragedy. That’s life though I suppose.

I hope this week brings you all good things. I enjoyed writing this candid style “life update”, please let me know if you are a fan of it!

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