Last Saturday I reached out to my Beautycounter consultant friend, Sarah, to place an order for cream blush. I’ve been using the products for years but have yet to try them all. My skin seems to be getting dryer as I age and I’m hoping that cream blush will give me the dewy, fresh look I’m longing for. Lol. I’ll keep you posted on that. For those of you that don’t already know, Beautycounter is effective skincare and cosmetics without harsh chemicals. Their products are safer than most and absolutely gorgeous. Their mission is to “get safer products into the hands of everyone.”

A thought crossed my mind mid-text and literally flew out of my fingertips as I asked Sarah, “Oh and I may be interested in becoming a Beautycounter consultant, can you please tell me more about that?” One week later and here I am, a brand new Beautycounter consultant.

I’m no stranger to the MLM game. As some of you may know, two years ago, I distributed herbal supplements and became a team leader with a company called It Works! While I enjoyed my time with It Works!, my perspective and beliefs surrounding whole health shifted dramatically when I began my studies with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I could no longer sell quick-fix solutions to health and wellness, while I learned that long-term lifestyle changes were necessary concerning weight loss, stress relief, body image issues, etc. I stepped down from my role as an It Works! Distributor and into my role as a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

The following year, not 1, but 3 women that I know and love got diagnosed with breast cancer. One being my aunt (who is in her 60s), two being one of my best childhood girlfriends (33 years old), 3 being a dear girlfriend from college (34 years old) and all I could think was ‘What in the actual fuck is going on?’ Excuse my language, friends. But this has rocked my world a bit and all the emotions and cuss words have come out a lot.

I’m a health coach, I’m not a doctor, and I have no idea how these women developed breast cancer, but I have my suspicions and so do they. I suspect that chemicals cause cancer and that we introduce chemicals into our bodies often by eating conventional foods and by using products that are indeed toxic, unbeknownst to us. Of course, we do. We buy what’s on the shelves in the grocery stores, we take the birth control that our doctors prescribe, and we use skincare products that we find online or buy from other direct sales companies to support our girlfriends who are trying to make a living. If our government approves it then it should be safe, right? Well, it’s not. And the sad truth is that many of us are not educated on these issues. I surely wasn’t until I began my studies as a health coach.

While Cole and I have made lifestyle changes over the years, we aren’t perfect obviously. We don’t eat foods that are solely organic all the time, or use products that are 100 percent natural either, but we do better today than we did years ago, because we know better. Knowledge is power, right? As someone who cares so much about my own health and the health of my loved ones, I feel a burning desire to be part of a movement that spreads education on whole health, and that inspires women and families to make small, yet conscious decisions daily, to improve the quality of their lives across the board: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, etc. Beautycounter will now be a piece of that puzzle.

As for me, I’m nervous, eeeek! I’m nervous to take on yet another venture, I’m nervous to fail at it, I’m nervous that I won’t be able to be the best mom and wife that I can be, as my plate continues to get fuller and fuller but as I’ve heard time and time again, “If it scares you, then you should probably do it.” So I’m doing it, and I’ll figure out the rest later. My philosophy is that risk is essential to growth and that no matter what happens something positive will come from all of this. I also intuitively feel called to pursue this, and that’s important to me.

I’d love if you would check out my Beautycounter site linked below and let me know if you have any questions! Cheers to growth and trying something new! Also, if you are familiar with Beautycounter, what are your favorite products and why?

My Beautycounter Site

And just to keep it real real, here is a photo of me moments before I drafted this blog. Living that best mom life in sweatpants and no makeup. 😉



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